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Braccia Rese

Società semplice agricola

colline saluzzesi

natural wine

spontaneous fermentation

zero solphates

local wine

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returned arms to agriculture

A way to devote our arms to something beautiful and great, ancient and modern, something tiring and satisfying.
Braccia Rese is the result of three different paths merged into a winemaking cellar.

natural wine bottles Braccia Rese Barba Pinq! Thorc Gambai Martino Errante

natural wine from busca, piedmont

barba: from the old vineyard (Barba is the wise uncle), the typical red wine from our hills;

pinq!: Pèt Nat, a brand new interpretation from our most ancient and typical grape variety from the hill of San Martino;

thorc: the wine from the press, an ancient peasant custom reinterpreted in a new pop version;

gambai: grown next to the woods, our approach to this international variety;

martino: from San Martino vineyard, aged in aok barrel for 12 months;

errante: social project in support of migrant labourers of Saluzzo;

???: coming soon;

contact us!

braccia rese, strada san martino 57, 12022 busca (cn)

instagram: @braccia_rese

facebook: braccia_rese

email: info@bracciarese.com

cell: +39 345 265 3022

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